PRET praises Malema, wants to invite him to its Summit

They say they will speak to him and see when a space in his busy schedule is available in order to host him.

The Practical Radical Economic Transformation (PRET) group of Mpumalanga has showered EFF national leader Julius Malema with praises, saying truth be told the young man is progressive.

Now PRET says they want Malema to come speak during its Summit to be held in May or June 2018 in Gauteng on the issue of economic transformation.

“We are considering inviting him,” PRET leader Themba Sgudla said on Wednesday this week.

“It will be an Advisory Summit and we want him to just give us a lecture on the topic of economic transformation and black empowerment,” he said.

He said Malema is too smart and brave at the same time and “we want a majority of our members to be like Malema. In fact, we like that boy,” Sgudla said.

“That boy is a talker and a doer and that is why as PRET we are planning to invite him in our Summit just to lecture us so that he can transfer the wisdom to us,” the wealthy eMalahleni businessman said over the phone on Wednesday night.

“That boy is very brave. He believes in what he says and he’s an implementor,” Sgudla said.

He said where the EFF was assisting the ANC implement its own policies they will not fold their arms but will assist as well.

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Sgudla said he will stick with PRET and achieve its goals of assisting the poor, unemployed.

He said as a property developer he believes in “local beneficiation, expropriation of land without compensation, “I believe in localisation, not in BEE”.

“Our members we must do something completely different, we must not do things that are in the market already. We must be real enterprenuers. So everybody who joins PRET must not join PRET in order to go to ANC and get a government job, no. All of us must go to private sector. We must grow the economy ourselves and create jobs,” Sgudla said.

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