Sgudla vs Mabuza: Businessman threatens to cut ties with ANC

The group says they have realised that standing on their own is the answer and no longer take the side of the ANC as it becomes clearer that the ANC is not serious about getting the youth employed and economically empowered.

A battlefield for PRET leader Themba Sgudla and ANC deputy president DD Mabuza has now been declared and looks set to end up very badly in the long run.

The businessman now accuses Mabuza, his friend, of using the Unity ticket that got him elected to national office for his own benefit, leaving behind a highly divided province and fuelling the division himself.

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He also accuses Mabuza of leaving behind very “ignorant” ANC leaders who are “unwilling” to work with PRET in fulfilling the pledges made in the Memorandum of Agreement that they signed with him last year, which forces the Mpumalanga government to commit to youth empowerment.

“It becomes more clearer that PRET SA’s survival is solely dependent on itself and its individual members and no one else,” the group said in a statement released on Monday night (12 Mar).

On Monday the group held an executive committee meeting and said they have realised that the ANC is not committed to creating any jobs or assisting the youths get economic empowerment and believes contesting the 2019 general elections is the answer.

The group complains of –

– Slow progress to commitments that relate to the Memorandum of Agreement with the provincial government as well as “non-existent implementation of resolutions” that they took with Mabuza on how the Memorandum of Agreement will be rolled out.

–  Mabuza’s endorsement of a “factional slate” after he publicly stated he supports Mandla Ndlovu to succeed him as the chairman of Mpumalanga ANC.

– Mabuza’s use of Unity to get elected as the ANC deputy president which they say was for his own benefit as now Mabuza is seen endorsing “factions” to lead the Mpumalanga ANC.

– Empty promises, especially in resolving the issue of water, roads, unemployment, corruption and nepotism in Nkomazi.

– The protection of “White Monopoly Capital” by ANC politicians and the nursing of the “arrogance” of RCL Foods in its failure to commit to transformation and community development.

The group says they have received positive responses in KZN, Limpopo and Gauteng in terms of forming branches there and are approaching the Independent Electoral Commission in order to register as a political party.

Sgudla vs Mabuza: Businessman threatens to cut ties with ANC

They say while Mabuza was Premier last year he agreed to the appointment of a committee of young people from PRET who would work hand in hand with the provincial government but this has produced no result as the provincial government is “ignorant” of their programs.

“It is our considered view that Mabuza’s use of Unity as a campaign card was not genuine, instead it was a self-seeking exercise which sought to propel him into the position of deputy president at the expense of the very unity he claimed to be championing. It is clear that this Unity was for his sole benefit and no one else,” secretary Sunday Mathebula said in the statement.

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“We will no longer continue to be spectators in the politics and economy of the province while the old-guard plays chess games with the lives of the young and unemployed,” read the statement.

“We therefore have concluded that we will no longer be biased to the ANC and PRET will henceforth only rely on itself to change the lives of the young, unemployed and vulnerable people,” it said.

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