Document shows Mabuza’s Govt signed 5-year Agreement with PRET

The 8-page document shows the Agreement of the two is effective from 1 April 2017 and they commit to youth empowerment. 

The 013NEWS has obtained the much-talked about ‘Memorandum of Agreement’ at the centre of a fight between PRET leader Themba Sgudla and ANC deputy president DD Mabuza.

The document shows Mabuza’s government entered into a 5-year renewable agreement with Sgudla’s PRET on 1 April 2017 and will end in 2022.

In the signed document, the two parties commit to work together in order to develop young people economically in the Mpumalanga province.

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It has the signature of Sgudla as President and that of Economic Development head Muzi Mkhize – signatures which are dated 14 and 16 August 2017.

Sgudla signed the document on 14 August and Mkhize on 16 August but according to clause 1.3 of the document the effective date of the agreement is 1 April “irrespective of the date of signature of the last party to sign this document”.

The Agreement can be renewed when it lapses in 2022 “for such period of time and on such additional terms and conditions as may be negotiated between them,” it says.

Document shows Mabuza's Govt signed 5-year Agreement with PRET

“This Memorandum of Agreement seeks to formalise co-operation between the parties,” the document reads.

“The parties agree to co-operate and collaborate to enhance human capital development and enterprise development by ensuring that an environment conducive to the youth’s participation in the mainstream economy is created and supported,” it says.

Document shows Mabuza's Govt signed 5-year Agreement with PRET

This information comes three days after government spokesman Zibonele Mncwango denied they ever signed an agreement with the Practical Radical Economic Transformation and a week after Sgudla threatened to cut ties with the ANC and go contest the 2019 general elections because of Mabuza’s empty promises and the government’s “unwillingness” to work with PRET in fulfilling the pledges in the Memorandum of Agreement.

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Document shows Mabuza's Govt signed 5-year Agreement with PRET

“The Parties agree to co-operate to contribute to direct employment through co-ordination of youth employment  opportunities in the province and to conduct research and development on areas of mutual interests,” reads the document.

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