Andile starts website to help notify tenderpreneurs of jobs in their area

Andile starts website to help notify tenderpreneurs of jobs in their area
FINDER: Andile Mwandla-Spautz who founded the PICTURE Supplied

Called ‘Tenderfinder’, the site promises to be one of the most useful websites in South Africa.

Andile Mwandla-Spautz has started a website that will assist businesspeople looking for tenders get notified whenever they are advertised.

The Tenderfinder website has search categories from provinces to sub-regions and features tenders from both government and private companies.

Tenders from municipalities, provincial and national government, state owned-enterprises, SETAs, and other private and public organisations are immediately displayed on the site.

Mwandla-Spautz said they get information from various sources and users get the notification immediately.

It was launched this week Monday and has a monthly subscription fee of R60.

“We try our utmost best to provide our users with as much information as possible regarding the tender,” she said.

“All tenders are verified and are legit and on top of that we have a section which we call ‘Tenderscams’ where we upload fraudulent tenders to warn our subscribers,”Mwandla-Spautz said.

“In order to access these tenders the user needs to register an account with us. Once logged in, the user can see the type of tenders, briefing dates, submission date, RFQ number and can download the tender documents.

“We currently have an opening promotion which costs the user R60 per month, no contracts or debit orders involved. On top of that the user gets 2 days free unlimited access to our website to see it in action,” she said.

She said she thought about it after she discovered the struggles people have “to find information regarding work within the public and private sector”.

“After searching 500 websites for work for our company the idea came up to have a centralised hub with all the information,” she said.

“Tenderfinder is from entrepreneur to entrepreneur. We network on a daily basis with business partners, clients, friends and family and some of them really struggle to get information regarding work within the public or private sector because they don’t know where to start.

“Tenderfinder is a good starting point which updates the users once a tender is loaded. We are also busy developing a mobile application for our users so that they can receive tender notifications on the go.

“Our team of developers are constantly working on the platform to improve user experience,”she said.

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