Breyten anonymous Facebook page names local girls who are allegedly HIV positive


The page was started last year and says it is aimed at ending promiscuity in the area.

A Facebook page run by an anonymous administrator is targeting local girls, naming and shaming them as promiscuous young women who have no future.

Called ‘Breyten Siceda Ubufebe’, the page publishes names of people who are allegedly HIV positive and the ones of those they got the virus from.

It publishes the stories in isiZulu and says those who are allegedly having HIV “are having a Dresh”.

The page is notorious amongst the people of Breyten, east of Ermelo, and many believe it should close down.

The page says it aims to end promiscuity amongst the youth in the area.

It also publishes photos of the local girls it alleges have multiple partners and are used as “one night stands” by men after drinking in the local taverns.

Here’s how to report an abusive Facebook page

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