Eskom plans to roll out Secunda power-cuts


The power utility says only if the municipality pays up the debt can interruptions be averted.

People in the Govan Mbeki local municipality should brace themselves for a winter without electricity.

A notice has already been published by Eskom showing from 21 May 2018 the people of this area will be without power.

The power utility says an agreement was reached with the Govan Mbeki municipality on 6 April 2018 that electricity to residents would no longer be interrupted “subject to the municipality honouring the terms of the agreed Repayment Agreement and Electricity Supply Agreement”.

“Govan Mbeki local municipality failed to adhere to the terms of the agreement – as a result Eskom will commence with the scheduled power interruptions to this municipality on Monday, 21 May 2018,” Eskom says in the notification letter.

It says the only way the municipality can avoid this is “once an acceptable agreement to settle the outstanding debt has been reached”.

“The interruption suspension notice issued entitles Eskom to initiate the interruptions should the municipality default in terms of the Repayment and Electricity Supply Agreement”.

Last year October, four municipal office building and vehicles which included were torched down by angry Secunda residents when Eskom cut power because of the municipality owing it R150 million.

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