Mzambiya estimates he made over R14 million since he started singing

He said his life of fame hasn’t always been “fruity” – like any other person he says he does also gets broke.

Kwaito star Nkosinathi “Mzambiya” Zwane estimates making over R14 million in his career as a musician in the past 20 years.

He said a lot of money was lost through the contracts he signed with record labels and music video producers who would give him “certain percentages” from the work.

Mzambiya was speaking during an interview on Metro FM on Monday night this week (14 May).

“You understand that contracts and things like that can really be complicated at times,” he told Rams Mabote.

“You know if there’s someone that can come and pay for your video and all of those things and afterwards they give you a certain percentage that suits them and I think that’s how we might have lost some of the money.

“I think I’ve made over R14 million,” he said when Rams asked him how much he thought he made since he started singing.

He added he had not even been able to invest his money because he had “a very rough page”.

“To be honest with you it has not been always fruity. There were time when I had nothing, lost everything and had to get myself back again but by the grace of God you will survive you know and your talent will put you closer to greatest people,” Mzambiya said.

He told Rams that despite everything in the past he was now happy that he is re-united with the guys at Bull Dawgs records who discovered him in 1998.

He said they are currently working on yet another collaboration with Msawawa.

He said recently he was with Oscar Mlangeni, the man who together with Nimrod Nkosi founded Mzambiya and the Bull Dawgs records, and told him it would be good to do a collaboration with Msawawa.

“We phoned him immediately and put him on a loud speaker and he was very happy about it and said we should do it,” Mzambiya said of Msawawa.

(edited by ZK)

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