Hair Growth


The Winter is almost gone, from protective hairstyles we are almost at that season where everyone wants to let down their hair. Now, many wonder about the amount of hair growth experienced during the cold weather. It is no secret that hair does not grow as fast during he cold weather due to hair follicles being tighter because of the temperatures. Summer is almost here and we’re sure you want to let your hair down.

There are some methods that can be used to stimulate hair growth, especially natural, kinky, afro hair. One might think that essential oils are only for aromatherapy and massages but think again; most can be used on the hair and they are quite beneficial with some of the properties that are locked within them.

If you have problems with length, dry hair, breakage, then this is for you. Some basic treatments that do not cost an arm and a leg and can even be found around your home. Here are some essential oils that can be used to give you that volume, glow and length.

Peppermint Oil: Peppermint Oil must be diluted before applying to scalp as it is quite concentrated. You can dilute it using water or in a conditioner. Apply it to scalp and massage thoroughly throughout whole head and leave in for 20 -30 minutes and rinse out.

Peppermint Oil allows hair follicles to breathe easy therefore stimulating hair growth.

Stinging Nettle: Stimulates hair growth and prevents the production of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is a hair loss hormone. You can use Stinging Nettle by applying overnight as a conditioner or as a tea and using it as a rinse with your hair routine.

Lavender Oil: It has anti-bacterial properties to keep the scalp clean, especially from dandruff build up which can block pores and prevent hair growth.

You can use Lavender Oil as a rinse by boiling it in water prior to use and allowing to cool down before rinsing hair. Alternatively, it can be used as a deep conditioner (must be prepared 2-3 weeks in advance). Another benefit of using Lavender Oil in hair is that it smells great.

Aloe Vera: For major hair growth, you can never go wrong with Aloe Vera. It contains more than 20 minerals and acts as a sebum anti-clogger for those with an oily scalp. The easiest way to use Aloe Vera as a hair treatment is to create your own spritzer and use daily.

How to create Aloe Vera Daily Growth Spritz:

250ml Aloe Vera juice
2 drops essential oils (Rosemary, Thyme, Cedarwood, Lavender Oil)
30ml Aloe Vera Gel
30ml conditioner
15ml glycerine
Shake well, use daily
(CAUTION: DO NOT include the rosemary essential oil if you have high blood pressure).

Apple Cider Vinegar: It allows hair to breathe easy by eradicating moisture build-up, dirt and grime. Also, it helps the hair stabilise its natural pH levels, leaving it shiny and the follicles free to breathe. Grime build-up makes it difficult for the hair to grow freely.

Mix half a bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar with 250ml of water and apply to hair. Rinse it out with cold water after 10-15 minutes and style as desired. Remember, do not add excessive hair moisturiser.

Eggs: Applying eggs to your hair promotes blood circulation and oxygen to your scalp. Apply and leave it on for about 20 minutes and then rinse it out with cold water. (Hot/warm water will cause it to curdle and stick to your hair). Then shampoo with your normal shampoo and moisturise. Moisture maintains shine and prevents hair from breakage, do bear in mind too that too much moisture is not good; it causes the hair to become flat and prevents it from breathing.

Some of these hair routines require daily use and to allow about 2-6 weeks before you can see a difference in your hair. They are also dependent on your hair type. Look out for our next hair FYI/DIY where we will be discussing the different hair types and how to have a basic daily routine to ensure you are doing all that you can for your kinky curls.

*Water is important too, drink enough water for internal hair growth stimulation.