Sizwe’s thirst for knowledge earns him space at Oxford University

Sizwe's thirst for knowledge earns him space at Oxford University
INSPIRATION: Sizwe Mkhwanazi is pursuing hi doctorate at Oxford University. PICTURE Facebook.

Beginning his journey as a Gert Sibande TVET College student, he is now on his way to England.

Former Standerton Tvet college student Sizwe Mkhwanazi is headed to study overseas.

He was given the opportunity by the powerful international institution after producing high Tvet marks.

“This opportunity means I can enjoy being an international citizen,” he said

Mkhwanazi has a Masters Degree in Operations Management, getting distinctions in Engineering and the Built Environment.

He was recognised by Oxford for the distinctions in the subjects and will now pursue a PhD at the prestigious university.

“It’s a great chance to immerse myself in entrepreneurial education, which is my research,” Mkhwanazi said.

“I hope to become a professor of entrepreneurial education at the end of my doctoral degree. I’m a passionate scholar, researcher, community developer and pioneer of cooperative work,” he said.

He completed his Level 4 skills in Standerton, which is equivalent to matric, and dreams of establishing his own university.

“I hope to accelerate my work of establishing the Africa Cooperatives University and advance my work in the Youth for Action Rural Development Foundation,” said Mkhwanazi.

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