Trevor available to serve as chair “if branches so wish”

His name has been punted amongst those contesting but he says the thing is not about positions.

Mpumalanga ANCYL deputy leader Trevor Nkosi will avail himself for the position of league provincial chairman.

He said this will occur only if branches want him to.

Nkosi was speaking to the 013NEWS reporter on Tuesday this week.

He said over the past months he had felt the need to “give others a chance but if branches believe I should lead I won’t refuse”.

“The organisation teaches us that if branches and membership want a specific leader to lead in a specific position you cannot refuse,” Nkosi said over the phone.

“That leader doesn’t decide where he wants to go. Branches do that. If that happens I will do exactly [that].

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“But personally as Trevor Nkosi I no longer have interest in leading in any of the positions. I just feel that other young people should be given the opportunity to serve in positions,” he said.

Nkosi, a popular and affable youth leader from Ermelo, is favoured by some quarters of the ANCYL in Mpumalanga to serve as the provincial chairman when a congress is held in September 2018.

He was elected the deputy provincial chair in July 2016.

Nkosi said he believes he has played a major role in ANCYL struggles and has groomed others to take up positions.

“If comrades still believe that Trevor Nkosi can still lead and take us there, then let it be, who am I to say no. But also what you must understand is that it’s not about me but the interests of young people in Mpumalanga,” he said.

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