Middelburg to have township CCTV cameras


The municipality says this is part of making sure crime is reduced to zero in the area.

The people of the Steve Tshwete sub-district will soon have CCTV cameras in the township.

Newly appointed mayor Tsietsi Tolo wants the cameras installed.

Tolo said while they focus on youth economic development and job creation they also want to ensure a crime-free township.

“Our Integrated Development Plan was approved in June 2018 and was developed from consultative meetings with residents, business and community representatives, government departments and other stakeholders,” he said.

The mayor said Middelburg being dominated by mining and steel producing companies will have to take advantage of it by means of the Mpumalanga Stainless Initiative.

“The programme will include a welding facility and an artisan development programme. We will continue to maintain a healthy relationship with business so that we can broaden the economic activities to include other sectors that have been neglected before, like tourism and agriculture,” he said.

The municipality’s total budget this financial year is R1,9 billion and R1.5 billion will be spent on the day-to-day operation of the municipality, R374 million will be spent on capital projects, R89 million on infrastructure maintenance and R93 million on renewing existing infrastructure.

On capital expenditure, R59 million will be spent for roads and stormwater infrastructural development, R77 million for electricity infrastructural development, R24 million for sewerage purification and reticulation, R80 million for governance and administration, R37 million for community facilities and public safety, R44 million for water infrastructural development and R24 million for refuse removal.

“We will take advantage of the Maputo Development Corridor as more industries such as motor workshops, hotels, overnight bulk carriers and stopping-over places will be required. We will also upgrade our sports facilities, parks and recreation and other community amenities to make it easier to get to our municipality, whether to visit, work or start a business.

“As a municipality, we have reviewed the Spatial Development Framework. We are currently busy developing precinct plans in order to revitalise our CBD. By bringing more people to live in the CBD, we will create the necessary commercial base to support the wonderful array of independent retailers, restaurants and service providers in our CBDs for decades to come,” he added

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