Sgudla invites you to witness dishing out of Highveld Mall shares to community

Sgudla invites you to witness dishing out of Highveld Mall shares to community
NOTORIOUS: Controversial eMalahleni businessman Themba Sgudla says he will be dishing out shares to the people of eMalahleni this month. PICTURE BY 013NEWS/MLM.

He said the shares will first be auctioned and at whatever value they will be bought will benefit stranded people.

eMalahleni businessman Themba ‘Masofa’ Sgudla is back at it again.

Known for dishing out R200 notes to poor people during community meetings, the Mpumalanga millionaire now says this time he is contributing even bigger.

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Sgudla said he is selling his shares at both Highveld and KG Malls and will use the money received to benefit the community of eMalahleni.

“The event will take place on 20 September 2018 at the Ackerville stadium from 5h30 in the evening. Come see yourself. I’m going to walk the talk as a challenge to other businesspeople that if I can do it why not them,” he said.

Sgudla said the undisclosed Highveld and KG mall shares, believed to be millions and millions of rands, will go a whole way into assisting the housing backlog in the eMalahleni area as well as assisting government to deal with the issue of the sewage systems and Eskom debts.

He said it worried him that a lot of people are kept in backyard rooms, with no places of their own and will now use this channel to lend a helping hand.

“I will make announcement on the houses that are going to be built in the eMalahleni area for people earning between R4 000 and R16 000. These are poor, very stranded people who cannot afford bonded homes, who do not qualify for RDP houses and are placed in and out of the Credit Bureau and I say they will own homes within a period of 10 years, as they [are] earning as little as R4000,” he said.

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“This program I call it Thuma Mina. I wanna be there to help the needy, the stranded of our people. It will help taxi drivers by allocating them houses or flats that they will eventually own and really even government servants. Nurses, police officers, teachers. It’s a sad story that these people don’t own homes of their own because of the challenges of the housing in this municipality,” he said.

He said the houses will be in the areas of Siyanqoba, Tasbet Park and Reyno Ridge Extension 2.

“I will also assist churches with renovations. It’s a called Vision 2028, each year we will be building 1000 units for stranded people.

“Really that’s what the government was supposed to do but we are doing it and we are saying we will assist in whatever challenges you are facing because you are our government and we won’t expect anything from you. We will assist you but at the same time we will be competing with you, where you build one house we will put three,” Sgudla said of the government.

Sgudla, a controversial businessman known for bullying politicians who he accuses of “not sticking to principles” and who also leads the Practical Radical Economic Transformation group of Mpumalanga, recently told Premier Refilwe Mtshweni not to come to his Mpumalanga Show at the Mbombela stadium.

Mtshweni was going to come as Premier in order to introduce deputy president DD Mabuza on stage.

Mabuza, had he not been delayed in Western Cape, was going to come and address the launch of Sgudla’s Mpumalanga Show on 31 August 2018.

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