Pholoso Mbatsane region awaits ‘lobbying’ on Trevor vs Thabang

AMBITIOUS: Mpumalanga ANCYL secretary Pholoso Mbatsane who has an upper hand in retaining his post when a provincial congress is held. PICTURE BY 013NEWS/ZK
They want him to retain the post – dark or blue…

Mpumalanga ANCYL secretary Pholoso Mbatsane’s region of eHlanzeni is waiting for the other regions to lobby them on who should take the provincial chair seat between Trevor Nkosi and Thabang Mathebula.
This is according to regional secretary Siyabonga Malandule who said that they will not pronounce a position until they have spoken to the other regions.
Malandule said a meeting between Bohlabela leader Precious Tonga, secretary Mourice Khoza, Gert Sibande leader Thulasizwe Thomo, secretary James ‘Castro’ Nkosi and Nkangala leader Bobo Mtshweni as well as secretary Mathebula will determine whether Nkosi or Mathebula becomes the chair.
He said they will “obviously guide the process” as the leadership.
 “As a region we are clear on comrade Pholoso” Malandule said when he spoke to the 013NEWS reporter on Sunday mid-day.
“We are still in the process, branches are still busy with BGMs,” he said over the phone.
“And we are still going to enter into discussions with the other regions and lobby or be lobbied on the position of provincial chair. Remember what must happen we must first lobby them for our candidate and they will then bring their own candidates for preference, that’s when we will sit down and agree on the preferences,” said Malandule.
He said branches were currently “sending them out” as a regional executive committee and were saying, “this is our preference, go and discuss with the other regions and then you will tell us as to how you engaged with the other regions”.
“The branches have the right to view,” the secretary said, “they can nominate any leader but we will obviously guide after consolidation,” he said.
The Mpumalanga province is preparing for an ANCYL provincial congress – a congress that is important moving forward to the national one.
Both Nkosi and Mathebula, who is the secretary of Nkangala, want to be chairman of the Mpumalanga ANCYL.
Nkosi, a current provincial deputy chair and who some believe is the right leader “to take the province forward,” runs a slate that national contestant Ndumisio Mokako regionally depends on in order to be the national secretary or President of the ANCYL.
The ambitious Mokako is from the Gert Sibande region, a region Nkosi hails from and allegedly controls.
Provincial spokesman Bheki Sithole said the RECs do not have the right to lobby each other, “only branches” do have the right.
“What do you mean when you say you will ‘obviously guide the process’, obviously you want to tell branches who to nominate,” Sithole said over the phone.
“Frankly, remember that this is not a congress of the regions but it is a congress of branches and will be attended by branches who elect delegates. Those people who attend congresses we call them delegates because they are given delegation powers by the branches to go and represent them.
“So branches are allowed to lobby each other on any matter going to congress. For example, a branch in eHlanzeni can lobby a branch in Nkangala and come out with a preferred candidate but not the RECs. The RECs cannot do that. The REC cannot ‘guide a process’, only the constitution guides a process,” Sithole said.
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