DA has petition against “high taxes”, fuel hikes

DA has petition against
FILE IMAGE: Petrol prices increased for the 7th time in 10 months this year. PICTURE BY iAfrica.

It says it’s only 10 months since Cyril Ramaphosa took over the country yet nothing had changed.

The Democratic Alliance has a petition against tax and fuel rises and were encouraging South Africans to sign it, it said.

The party said it was concerned that South Africans were getting poorer due to the hikes and that this was the seventh increase in just 10 months.

“It is a vote of no confidence in Cyril Ramaphosa’s ANC and its ability to fix our economy, make life easier for South Africans and create access to jobs for those without work,” Mpumalanga leader Jane Sithole said.

She said that:

– Unemployment is at a record high.

– The Rand is weak.

– The cost of living has gone up.

– Income Tax has gone up.

– VAT has gone up.

– Electricity has gone up.

– Food has gone up.

“The ANC cannot continue to blame these fuel price increases on international markets,” Sithole said.

“The reality is that almost a third of the cost of petrol per litre goes directly to the government,” she said.

Motorists will now pay nearly R17 for petrol and R15.65 for diesel.

Fuel prices in South Africa will be between R4 and R7 more expensive than in Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland and Lesotho.

The DA says they will do the following when they take over government:

– Stop reckless economic policies.

– Cut the size of the Cabinet from 35 to 15 ministries.

– Introduce an economic austerity plan to bring down government spending.

– Take action to make sure government stops the massive losses on state-owned enterprises like SAA and Eskom.

– Fund revenue shortfalls by cutting wasteful expenditure, and not adding taxes.

“The ANC cannot continue to pick the pockets of South Africans to deal with their inability to manage the economy. The people of South Africa cannot continue to fund ANC corruption. It is time for the change that creates One South Africa For All,” Sithole said.

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