Woman takes neighbour to court over high wall

Nathi Sambo's house in the Mbombela suburb of Sonheuwel. PICTURE BY Nelspruit Post

She says the wall keeps being constructed higher and higher and depreciates her house’s value.

A Mbombela woman is taking her neighbour to court in order to force him to reduce the size of his wall.

Anna-Marie Fitzgerald says she feels frustrated by Nathi Sambo’s high wall in the Mbombela suburb of Sonheuwel.

She told local paper Nelspruit Post when she came back from holiday in March 2018 she found the neighbour’s wall along the back of her garden had increased in size.

“My neighbour kept on building. By July 2018, I reported it to the building inspector as I was worried about the safety of my children. But he has kept building and he does not seem to be stopping,” Fitzgerald told the local newspaper.

She says in most weekends they normally sit outside but they are now forced “to stare at this monster in our back garden”.

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“Also, this has an influence on the value of my property. Who would want to look at this prison wall?” Fitzgerald said.

Sambo argues it’s within his right to do anything he likes on his house including making it more safer and had told the local media to “shove off!”.

Mbombela municipal building inspector Nomi Shiba said she had issued a lot of warning and legal notices to Sambo to stop building but Sambo kept ignoring them.

“He also did not give us the engineering certificate and approval plan for this wall,” the inspector said.

Further actions will be taken against Sambo, said Shiba.

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