George Xaba not maintaining Dingindoda despite claiming to do so

George Xaba not maintaining Dingindoda despite claiming to do so
MISMANAGER: eMalahleni Housing Company boss George Xaba. PICTURE BY 013NEWS/ZK.

He says most of the R3.7 million that he collects from the public homes is used to “invest back into the property” but the residents say that’s a “sheer lie”.

Emalahleni Housing Company boss George Xaba is not maintaining the Dingindoda rental settlement, the tenants have said.

Now they say they no longer want to see him on the premises because “he misuses our money” and that they allegedly “are forced to live like pigs”.

Since the 013NEWS wrote a series of stories on the Dingindoda issue the tenants have been sending us photos of “the conditions we now live [under] at Uthingo Park and no one can fix it”.

Uthingo Park is the official name of the area – but informally it’s called ‘Dingindoda’ and is located in the eMalahleni suburb of Tasbet Park.

George Xaba not maintaining Dingindoda despite claiming to do soA blocked drain in one of the Uthingo Park units.

Xaba has said that he collects the R3.7 million monthly in order to maintain the area for the benefits of the tenants who live there.

But people who live inside the area said nobody maintains the social housing units – not even cutting the grass.

They have sent photos of what looks like a leaking ceiling, blocked sewage and drain systems.

George Xaba not maintaining Dingindoda despite claiming to do soA blocked sewer overflows just metres from the front door of one of the Uthingo Park units.

In court papers seen by 013NEWS, Xaba said he operates on a “strict budget”.

He says he receives R3.7 million in monthly rent from the 1 300 homes “while [the] expenses are ordinarily R2.7 million per month”.

“We use any surplus that we receive to upgrade and re-invest in the project for the benefits of all the residents,” said Xaba.


George Xaba not maintaining Dingindoda despite claiming to do soAn overflowing sewer manhole at Uthingo Park.

Xaba pays himself an amount of R1.3 million each year – actually over R10 million that Xaba, the 7 board members and other staff members pay themselves each year from the R43 million they collect yearly from the housing scheme.

“Xaba doesn’t maintain the area. You can come look at the area yourself,” one tenant, fearing victimisation and speaking on the condition of anonymity, said over the weekend.

“Snakes everywhere. Come see,” she said.

A snake found in one of the houses in Uthingo Park last month (Sept).

Another one, Mandla Mahlangu, wrote a lengthy WhatsApp message to the 013NEWS reporter and said he started staying in Dingindoda from 2013.

He said on 30 August 2018, Xaba kicked him out and told him he was “no longer fit to stay at Uthingo Park as I was not working permanently”.

“I was forced to leave the house while I was [making] up-to-date payments though I was struggling.

“I had to ask a friend just to keep my stuff at Extension 14 in the location until I get another place to stay. My heart is so bleeding for that place because I cant afford even to buy a house now. Initially I was told the place is for rent to buy. I’m sharing this with the hope of maybe I can be helped. I was staying at block 16, 134. Since I was chased out that house is empty as we speak I don’t know maybe they wanted it for their friends,” said Mahlangu.

Xaba didn’t answer his phone.

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