Anonymous ‘sex worker’ asks Middelburg NGO to raise 4-month-old Junior

Anonymous 'sex worker' asks Middelburg NGO to raise 4-month-old Junior
NOTA BENE: A hand written note was left with a baby boy who was found on the doorsteps of a welfare organisation in Middelburg at the weekend. PICTURE BY SAPS.

The police are investigating a case of abandoning a child.

A non-profit organisation in the Middelburg area has been asked in a letter left by an anonymous mother to raise her 4-month-old child.

She abandoned the baby boy at the front door of the offices of the CMR Middelburg child and family welfare organisation over the weekend.

She then left a handwritten note near the child whom cops say was in a clean condition, written in English and SiSwati language stating that the boy’s name is Junior and was born on 3 August 2018

In the note she requests not to be traced as she is not able to raise Junior because she’s a sex worker.

She said she got the baby while selling sex in the area and doesn’t know the father.

Cops said a baby diaper and feeding bottle was left near Junior.

The note reads: “I can’t reveal my name. I want my child to be given to parent who will care for him.

“My work doesn’t allow me to love children. I’m the sex worker. I do not know the father.

” You will understand that my job is demanding. Adoption is fine for the child,” she said.

The child was taken for medical check-up by officials from the social development department and police are awaiting a medical report.

The Middelburg police child protection unit has also opened a case of abandoning of child.

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