PRET wrestles EFF over march to eMalahleni municipality

The police had to use rubber bullets as PRET members began blocking an EFF march in the area.

The Practical Radical Economic Transformation group of Mpumalanga may also be engaged in a fight for economic freedom for the majority of black South Africans but they are not friends with the Economic Freedom Fighters.

Thursday this week the group stood in the way of EFF members who were marching to the eMalahleni municipality to submit a memorandum of demands to mayor Linah Malatjie.

Led by provincial leader Collen Sedibe, the EFF headed to the municipality in order to complain about lack of service delivery, alleged corruption and nepotism when they met PRET members who were singing struggle songs on the street of the municipality and waiting for them.

“They will not pass here and go to the municipality. Let them go back,” one PRET member was heard shouting as the EFF approached and both groups began to mix in a confrontational way.

Cops had to intervene and form a human shield between both groups but when they could not be able to control the violent PRET group they began using rubber bullets, firing hard at PRET members.

PRET wrestles EFF over march to eMalahleni municipality

Some PRET members during the stand-off with police.

The EFF had applied from authorities in order to stage the march to the eMalahleni municipality and the PRET gathering in front of the municipality building was illegal, one cop told the 013NEWS reporter.

PRET members began throwing stones back at cops, forcing CBD shops to close down as cops chased them with rubber bullets.

PRET wrestles EFF over march to eMalahleni municipality

A vehicle from Weng Family Supermarket was torched by PRET members.

It is still not clear why the PRET members were disrupting the EFF march but one PRET member said the EFF were “coming late in order to take things from us”.

“There are a lot of issues we have been fighting for in this area and where was the EFF?” he said, “we are closer to achieve on those issues and the EFF is coming to hijack the issues,” he claimed.

Clad in their trademark yellow t-shirts bearing the face of president Cyril Ramaphosa, members of the group said they were there to “defend the municipality”.

PRET wrestles EFF over march to eMalahleni municipality

Prior to their march, the EFF went to Dingindoda on Wednesday evening and told the tenants that they would help them in the fight between eMalahleni Housing Company boss George Xaba and businessman Themba ‘Masofa’ Sgudla who is also the leader of PRET.

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Six cars were damaged when the angry PRET members pelted stones at the cars while burning one.

Cops had to call Sgudla on Thursday mid-day to come speak “to his people” as they continued with violence in the eMalahleni CBD.

The EFF were eventually able to submit the memorandum to the municipality.


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