“I want to join the conversation,” Zuma says as he joins Twitter

TWEEP: Former President Jacob Zuma says he felt it necessary to "move with the times". PICTURE BY Twitter.

The popular SA politician announced joining the social media this week.

Former President Jacob Zuma has said that the reason he decided to join Twitter is because he had been told that a lot of people were talking about him on the social media and said to himself, “let me join the conversation”.

The popular ANC politician joined the popular social media network this week.

In a video clip, Zuma said he had decided “to move with the times and join this important area of conversation”.

He said he had heard that there were people who calling themselves “Zuma” on social media and decided to open the account as the genuine Zuma.

This week a High Court ruled that the state should not be liable for Zuma’s legal costs and had been ordered to pay back all that the government paid towards his legal fees since 2005 as they were his personal matters.

Zuma earns R140 000 a month as a retired head of state after deductions.

He will return to court on 20 May 2019.

He is facing charges of racketeering, corruption, money-laundering and fraud at the Mgungundlovu High Court in KZN.

Zuma said he felt he should partake in social media topics and “join the people in their discussions”.

“It’s me, former President Jacob Zuma,” he said in the video clip.

Zuma’s account had amassed 27 000 followers within four hours of being active.

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