Mametlhake pupil attacks cops with bricks, looking for principal

A case of public violence and one of malicious damage to property are being investigated.

The KwaNdebele learner who is captured in a video clip attacking cops with stones was looking for the principal, officials have said.

He then began throwing bricks at the school’s windows when told he could not see the principal.

The Mpumalanga education department said they were condemning the incident and were sending a team to the school to find out what exactly happened.

The peers of the pupil at the Mmametlake Secondary School watched in shock this week as he attacked the cops with the bricks.

In a video that has gone viral the learner starts by smashing the school’s windows and when the police came in their van he turned to them until they reversed and shot at him in the leg.

The Mpumalanga department of education said the learner is believed to be a former learner at the school and he came there looking for the principal.

Departmental spokesman Jasper Zwane said the boy was an “intruder” at the school.

“It is alleged that when told that he could not see the principal, he became violent and started throwing bricks destroying windows of the school.

Police were called in to assist, and at the arrival of the police the intruder attacked them until he was shot in the leg,” Zwane said.

He added he was arrested and taken to hospital in order for his leg wound to be treated and would then face the music.

Counselling will be offered to those who got affected by it and investigations by the department are underway, Zwane said.

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