Sgudla claims he knows Mabuza’s skeletons in the closet

Sgudla claims he knows Mabuza's skeletons in the closet
KNOWS IT ALL: Controversial Mpumalanga businessman Themba 'Masofa' Sgudla says if he is asked where he got his money he will say 'ask Mabuza'. PICTURE BY 013NEWS/MLM.

He spoke to leaders of the KwaNdebele tribal kraal before addressing community members in the Kameelrivier area.

Co-founder of Mpumalanga’s newest political party SANCOTA and estranged friend of deputy president DD Mabuza has this week claimed to be someone who knows the ANC leader’s skeletons in the closet.

Themba Sgudla said the day Mabuza would be called to the Zondo commission there is no way he won’t be implicated because “I have been with the man”

“They call him, they will call me also to come and testify,” Sgudla said while addressing traditional leaders at Chief Ndzundza Mbahoko’s royal kraal in Kameelrivier.

“And I will do the same if they call me,” he said Tuesday afternoon.

“When I speak about Mabuza I speak about somebody I know and the day they will ask me, ‘Where do you get all this money?’ I will say, ‘Ask him’,” the multimillionaire said to laugher from izinduna who had come to listen to him and Chief Mantjolo Mnisi explain their newly formed political party, Tuesday 19 March 2019.

“He is still my friend because I know if they call him at the Zondo Commission he will call me and I will do the same,” Sgudla repeated.

Soon after the meeting at the tribal council, both Sgudla and Mantjolo went to address a community meeting, launching SANCOTA in the KwaNdebele area.

Sgudla claims he knows the skeletons Mabuza's closet

Two weeks ago the two were in Bushbuckridge, where they officially launched the party.

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Sgudla claims he knows Mabuza's skeletons in the closet
FROM LEFT: SANCOTA co-founder Themba ‘Masofa’ Sgudla, Chief Mantjolo Mnisi and Chief Fene Mahlangu.

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He told the KwaNdebele leaders that during Apartheid, when they used to have a Bantustan, they were able to make certain developments possible for themselves.

“But since the ANC took over what do you have today,” he asked.

Social Development campaign against gender based violence

“Everything has stopped,” he said, adding “not even in Mabuza’s 10-years as Premier”.

“Its only me [who] developed under Mabuza’s term. That I won’t deny but how about you?” he asked. “I was made a millionaire alone in this province and why only me?” said Sgudla to applause later when he addressed community members.

‘SANCOTA’ stands for ‘South African National Congress of Traditional Authority’ and was registered early this year by both Sgudla and Chief Mantjolo – the traditional leader of the Enkonjeni royal kraal near Badplaas.

It will contest the upcoming general elections to be held on 8 May 2019.

Sgudla claims he knows Mabuza's skeletons in the closet

It is led by traditional leaders and Sgudla will serve in its executive committee as a leader of his PRET, an alliance structure of SANCOTA.

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Mantjolo is an executive committee member of the Mpumalanga house of traditional leaders.

Chief Ndzundza didn’t form part of the Kameelrivier SANCOTA meeting at his kraal but did send izinduna and Chief Fene Mahlangu to represent him.

It was addressed by Mantjolo, Sgudla and Mahlangu – and they have agreed to work together.

In his address, Mantjolo said SANCOTA was not found to oppose any political party “but to listen to the nation”.

“SANCOTA listens to what the nation says and does. The problem we are having today is that the leaders tell the nation what to do and is no longer a nation having the involvement of chiefs,” said Mantjolo.

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