Nyoni commits to build ‘decent home’ for young unemployed mother of 5

Nyoni commits to build 'decent home' for young unemployed mother of 5
MOVED: A young mother of 5 in the Mbombela township of KaBokweni was moved to tears when ANC chairman hopeful Peter Nyoni pledged to help build her a house. PICTURE BY 013NEWS/ZK.

He was greeted by tears in one of the homes while busy with a door-to-door campaign in the Mbombela townships.

Mpumalanga ANC chairmanship hopeful Peter Nyoni has promised he would take from his pocket and assist an unemployed mother of 5 kids build a “decent home”.

He said the construction of the home will occur very soon and that the 38-year-old woman should not worry.

Nyoni campaigned for the ANC in Gutshwa, Teka Takho, Edwaleni and KaBokweni Taxi Rank and Complex on Saturday (23 March). On Sunday, he addressed church members at the Maximum Glory of God in KaDaantjie.

The woman lives in Gutshwa and has been languishing in a shack since 2007 when she came to the area, she told Nyoni.

She said 2 past councillors promised they would get government to build her an RDP but that never happened. She said she had been told she was on the list of beneficiaries but she believes they were lying to her because she is still languishing in the same shack she built 12 years ago.

She began crying when explaining to Nyoni what had befallen her and the kids.

Nyoni commits to build 'decent home' for young unemployed mother of 5

Nyoni listened sadly as the woman tells her story. He told her that it was the plan of the ANC under the “capable leadership” of President Cyril Ramaphosa to make sure that everybody’s life is changed.

“In the meantime we commit to help here,” she told her. “We will do a fundraising and assist you. I can see you already have bricks, just that you do not have the power to begin building. We will help,” Nyoni said.

He is one of the people gunning for the Mpumalanga position left when DD Mabuza got elected the deputy president in Nasrec on 18 December 2017.

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Nyoni is one of the forces opposed to what is described as “Mabuza’s influence” in the Mpumalanga ANC.

Nyoni commits to build 'decent home' for young unemployed mother of 5
Peter Nyoni at the KaBokweni Taxi Rank

His lobbyists are currently taking the ANC to court in order to disband the Mpumalanga provincial executive committee.

Nyoni says he believes in the politics of vision – “the purpose of being there”.

“And based on that purpose you have to develop a strong conviction, something that will say to you, ‘this which I believe in I am prepared to die for’,” he once told Rise FM’s Zingisa Chirwa during an interview August 2018.

“As a leader you have to understand why you are in a particular space,” he told Chirwa then. Leadership again is the capacity to influence people through inspiration which is generated by passion, motivated by vision, produced by conviction and ignited by a purpose. The purpose of being there,” he said then.

On Saturday, Nyoni told the 013NEWS reporter that the reason he decided to embark on door-to-door campaigns in the area is because he was “sending the message of the ANC and the President”, because when he joined the ANC he “pledged that I will put all my skills at the disposal of the ANC to utilise”.

“As a member it’s the right thing to do. At whatever format we must ensure during this difficult time we avail ourselves, because I strongly believe that it is this time that the ANC needs me the most and if I can play an important role in the life of the organisation, campaign for it, I’m not doing for myself but for the ANC as a member in good standing”.

Nyoni commits to build 'decent home' for young unemployed mother of 5

“In other words, I’m putting the interest of the organisation in the forefront and not my own interest,” he said.

“I believe that as leaders we have got different skills that we can use to attract different people to support a particular cause. So we are occupying the space because we know that there are people who like it when we occupy the space and be visible in the programmes of the ANC,” he said.

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