Africa as a whole must deal with issue of Africans flocking to SA

Africa as a whole must deal with issue of Africans flocking to SA
CONTINENTAL PROBLEM: The African Diaspora Forum says African countries need to solved the problem that are making their citizens migrate to SA. PICTURE BY Daily Maverick.

It shouldn’t be left to South Africa only to deal with the problem.

The African Diaspora Forum has called on the whole of Africa to deal with the issue of Africans flocking to South Africa.

The forum’s Vusumuzi Sibanda said a lot of money was being spent by the South African government and that other African countries are supposed to join hands and deal with what drives their citizens away, reports the Citizen.

“We need to look at the problem causing people to run away from their home countries to South Africa,” said Sibanda.

“We need [those] governments to acknowledge that there is a problem in their country. And find ways of dealing with it,” he said.

Home affairs minister Siyabonga Cwele said South Africa was spending “significant amounts of money” annually on deporting illegal immigrants back to their home countries.


Some were also being “trafficked” into the country.

“People are trafficked into SA. We have a problem of people coming in illegally,” said the minister.

The flocking of other Africans to the country has caused tensions between South Africans and the foreign nationals, with the South Africans accusing them of stealing jobs, spreading drugs and making the country’s cities “dirty”.

Commenting on a recent video clip that caused an outrage on social networks where a cop is being attacked by a foreign national, Sibanda said some people just made it hard for “social cohesion and integration to take place”.

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