2 Barberton voters say they got to vote more than once on Wednesday

2 Barberton voters say they got to vote more than once on Wednesday
RIGGED: Vote counting continues throughout the country inspire of allegations of double voting. PICTURE BY Daily Sun.

The incident has been recorded in a video.

‌Two registered voters in the Mpumalanga area of Barberton said they were able to vote more than once on Wednesday’s national general elections.

News24 reports that the anonymous woman was registered to vote at the Barberton Town Hall.

But instead she went to the St Johns Church, where she says she was not asked to complete the section 20A form.

The 20A form is given to a voter who is not voting at their registered voting station.

She then decided to see if she could get a form at Barberton High School, which also did not have the forms.

The woman then went to her registered voting station, where she made her mark. After voting, she went back to the St Johns polling station, and to Barberton High School, where she went ahead and again voted, apparently spoiling her ballot papers.

Suburb News editor Ettiene Mare said he also decided to test whether the system could allow him to vote more than once. 

He was registered to vote in Mbombela town but went to Barberton where he managed to cast his vote using the 20A form at the St Johns voting station.

After voting, Mare said he went to the Barberton Town Hall, where he voted for the second time. 

This time he was not told to fill Amy form. He recorded the whole incident on video.

“I also spoilt the second ballot paper by making crosses at the top 10 political parties to make sure it could not be counted,” he said.

The IEC in the province said they would investigate these incidents. 

IEC head Sy Mamabolo said they will conduct a sample audit to determine if double voting occurred.

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