SANCO warns against “rise of new factions” in Mpumalanga 

SANCO warns against
SANCO in Mpumalanga has warned of opportunistic elements seeking to sow divisions through the nomination of Refilwe Mtshweni to become the province's next premier. PICTURE BY Reuters.

The civic organisation congratulated Refilwe Mtshweni on being nominated the Premier of Mpumalanga for the upcoming administration to be formed soon follows the 8 May 2019 elections in which the ANC was declared a winner.

SANCO in Mpumalanga is warning against the rise of new factions and “worshippers” who only sing for their next meal. 

The civic organisation released a statement this week Tuesday following the nomination of Refilwe Mtshweni by the ANC to be the province’s Premier when a new government is formed soon.

Provincial secretary Bongani Mwale said they congratulate Mtshweni and were hoping that her nomination won’t be used by others to sow divisions in the ANC and its broader alliance movement. 

This provides Mtshweni an opportunity to turn things around for the people of Mpumalanga and writes a “new chapter”,  the alliance partner said. 

“[Her] nomination to the Premier position provides her with an opportunity to write a new chapter in the province and build an everlasting [legacy] for herself and the ANC,” Mwale said in a statement released on Tuesday 14 May 2019.

SANCO said Mtshweni’s nomination comes amid “intense” engagements between alliance leaders at regional and provincial levels for the well-being of the alliance movement.

“Unfortunately this process sees the emergence of opportunistic tendencies, formation of new factions and the rise of political worshippers that would sing loud for [their] supper. 

“Most often than not, this is a consequence of greed and the appetite to use state machinery for selfish ends,” said Mwale, adding that it was for this reason that they were calling on comrades in the alliance movement to not use Mtshweni’s nomination to sow divisions.

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“This time around our people have given us a clear mandate during the door-to-door [campaigns] to unite the ANC and the revolutionary alliance as the only instrument to usher the nation to the national democratic revolution.

“Therefore we warn against any tendencies that would want to destabilise the unity of the congress movement,” he said. 

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