Botched circumcision claims first Verena victim

Botched circumcision claims first Verena victim
AMASOKANA: With the start of winter initiates across the country are already starting to undergo the right-of-passage but oftentimes some don't return home. PICTURE BY Dumisani Sibeko.

As the winter begins initiation schools across the country also start…

A 39-year-old man from Verena in Mpumalanga died the past Sunday after a botched circumcision.

The man died after the school failed to follow the procedures guiding the practice, according to a body representing the culture. 

Ingoma Forum spokesman Musa Thungwa said the man’s death could have been avoided. 

“I must indicate that we have been pleading to all these ingoma holders that whenever they are to start initiation schools they must make sure all initiates are prescribed and that all protocols and regulations are followed,” Thungwa said this week. 

Thungwa said the school in Verena where the 39-year-old initiate lost his life “failed to follow regulations”.

He said they want all schools to comply and “unfortunately with this school things did not go in that particular way.”

An inquest docket is being investigated by the local cops after allegations that the school runs illegally. 

Last year atleast 11 initiates died at various initiation schools in the province. The number has been going down since the death of 31 initiates in 2013.

Thungwa said they do not want anybody to return home in a plastic bag. 

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