Gumtree’s 10 most available jobs that need no experience

Gumtree's 10 most available jobs that need no experience
WORK: With South Africa's economy contracting by 3.2% in the first quarter of 2019, unemployment is rising while jobs are a scarcity. PICTURE BY Oukas.

The South African economy is currently struggling to create jobs after it dropped by 3.2% this year.

South Africa’s publisher of classified adverts Gumtree has the 10 in-demand jobs where most employers are desperate or most likely to fill. 

For these jobs you need qualifications but not experience and they are called “entry-level jobs”.

They simply require the applicant to be someone who had mastered the theorical part of the job. 

Based on the job posts placed on Gumtree, the most in-demand entry-level jobs, with an estimated annual salaries of between R270 000 and R74 000, are:

– 1.) Sales and marketing (13%) – R181,190

– 2.)Construction and skilled trade (6.8%) – R269,052

– 3.) Accounting and finance (5%) – R250,555 

– 4.) Restaurant and bar work (5%) – R111,000

– 5.) Retail work (5%) – R208,000

– 6.) Logistics and transport (4.7%) – R205,648

– 7.) Health and beauty (4.1%) – R74,880

– 8.) Computing (4.1%) – R374,000

– 9.) Clerical and administration (3.9%) – R113,0661

– 10.) Teaching (3.7%) – R157,376

Gumtree’s Estelle Nagel said 60% of jobs advertised on Gumtree in South Africa are full-time positions, 12% are contract positions and 8.5% are part-time. 

Only 0.35% of advertised positions are suitable for matriculants, she said. 

“The job market is extremely tough and competitive, which is why anyone seeking to start a career should put their best foot forward,” Nagel said. 

“If you need experience, volunteer where possible. Employers can make a selection from thousands of candidates – make sure that you stand out.” 

The South African economy declined by 3.2% between January and March 2019 and the number of people applying for jobs is on the rise. 

(edited by MLM,  with Business Insider) 

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