Home Politics Lamola says prosecution will definitely happen to those mentioned in state capture 

Lamola says prosecution will definitely happen to those mentioned in state capture 

JUST: New minister of justice Ronald Lamola says his department is cracking down on all those mentioned in state capture. PICTURE BY City Press

A special prosecuting team is currently being set up, he said.

New justice minister Ronald Lamola has said that prosecution will definitely happen to those who are mentioned in state capture.

Lamola spoke to journalists soon after President Cyril Ramaphosa had delivered his state of the nation address (SONA) on Thursday night this week. 

He said his department is currently working hard to assist the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) set up a special team that will prosecute those who have been mentioned in the state capture commission currently underway in Johannesburg. 

The commission is investigating the alleged looting of state coffers by those who were connected to former President Jacob Zuma between 2009 and 2018 while he ruled South Africa.

Lamola said the special investigating tribunal that Ramaphosa announced in February 2019 will be up and running by September 2019.

The Tribunary was set by the President as part of the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) “to recover monies and/or assets lost by state institutions through irregular and corrupt means”.

In “fast-tracking these matters”, the Tribunal will therefore ensure that those who are “responsible for the loss of monies and/or assets are held accountable”.

Lamola said they are helping the NPA in terms of budget. “We are creating all the enabling environment for the NPA to do [prosecution] through policy and regulations,” he said. 

“Already systems are in place and there will be actions,” said Lamola.

Of Ramaphosa’s SONA, Lamola said the speech was quite important in restoring investor confidence “with regard to the state-owned enterprises”. 

He said the getting SOEs back on track to running efficiently was key. 

On the land issue, he said his department was working to ensure such expropriation process “creates a proper regime that is investible and workable”. 

“We will immediately release the Land Code Bill that is going to streamline on the land question, to ensure that where it is possible there is expropriation without compensation and people are able to claim. We will also participate in the whole process of constitutional review to create that enabling environment and to ensure that the whole debate creates a proper regime that is investible and workable,” he said. 

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