Zoo Kubhayi gets 25 years for raping 9-year-old

Zoo Kubhayi gets 25 years for raping 9-year-old
FILE: A KwaNdebele man was given a hefty sentence for the rape of a 9 year-old girl back in 2013. PICTURE BY Southern Daily.

The crime happened in 2013 while Zoo was 22 years of age.

A 29-year-old KwaNdebele man known as Zoo Kubhayi will spend the next 25 years in jail for the rape of a 9-year-old girl in 2013. 

He was given the heavy sentence by the Siyabuswa Magistrates Court.

Kubhayi is from the Vaalbank area of Mpumalanga and the child was taken away from her friends to the bushes where she got raped. 

Kubhayi was arrested in July 2018 for the 2013 crime and had been in and out of court charged with rape and assault. The matter has been dealt with by the court until his sentence a week ago. 

“During the trial, he absconded from court and in that way broke his bail condition and had to be rearrested on 13 May 2019,” police spokesman Colonel Mtsholi Bhembe said Thursday this week.

Mpumalanga police boss Lieutenant-General Mondli Zuma on Thursday said “problematic” people like Kubhayi were making the lives of others hard. 

“Police will work tirelessly in making sure that such people are removed from society,” said Zuma.

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