Ace Magashule: ANC will report to voters every 3 months on government progress

Ace Magashule: ANC will report to voters every 3 months on government progress
ACCOUNTABLE: ANC secretary general Ace Magashule says the time of only going to voters during elections is over. PICTURE BY ANA.

He says they no longer want a situation where they only come to voters when it’s election time.

ANC national secretary Ace Magashule has said the party is going to maintain a strong visibility amongst people, reporting to voters each and every 3 months on government’s progress.

Magashule said moving forward as ANC they will be monitoring and making sure that “there are very clear timelines” in implementing the goals set out by President Cyril Ramaphosa in his state of the nation address (SONA) a week ago (20 June). 

He said they learnt during the time when they campaigned for votes towards the 8 May 2019 general elections and will now be reporting “to voters every 3 months to what is happening in government and in the party”.

“The dream of the President is the dream of the nation and that goes along in making sure that we address the issues of inequalities, the issues of land and all the resolutions that we have taken but implementation of what the President had said is what is important,” said Magashule. 

“So we as a party we will be monitoring to make sure that there are clear timelines and we report back to our people. We are very inspired and motivated because from the last Lekgotla we saw that very soon South Africans are going to see clear timelines,” Magashule said. 

He said these “clear timelines” are about “what and when these things are gonna happen”. 

“These are not just dreams,” the secretary said. “These are practical things,” he said. 

“You will see them. You will see the new cities and the bullet train. You will see our children studying robotics, youths doing enterprises and rural and township areas developing,” he said when speaking to the SABC.

“We are no longer going to go to the voters when it’s elections time. We have learnt during that process. We will be reporting every 3 months,” he said.

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