Ramaphosa sacks another manager at his Badplaas farm

Ramaphosa sacks another manager at his Badplaas farm
UNMALLEABLE: President Cyril Ramaphosa is a no-nonsense man when it comes to his business, firing anyone who dares steal from him. PICTURE BY Independent.

The President is said to be angered by what he believes is “rampant theft” taking place at the farm.

ANC leader Cyril Ramaphosa has fired another manager at his Badplaas farm.

The sacking of manager Kobus Rall took place on 12 July 2019, while the President was visiting his Ntaba Nyoni feed-lot farm in the Mpumalanga province.

The Ntaba Nyoni owner arrived with wife Portia Motsepe-Ramaphosa on that Friday mid-day of 12 July in a top of the range white Agusta Grand chopper with registration ZS-HMV.

013NEWS can today reveal that the President still frequents his businesses, despite placing them in a blind trust.  A blind trust allows the man to run public affairs while his businesses are run somewhere else, in order for him to allow for no conflict of interest while he serves the people of South Africa.

A day after the 8 May 2019 general elections, Ramaphosa came to Ntaba Nyoni, situated more than 30km from the Badplaas town of Mpumalanga, and shared hugs with workers. Smiling Ramaphosa said, ‘Nibahle today wow (You look so beautiful today, wow)”, one worker told 013NEWS. And workers were afforded the opportunity to take photos with the ANC leader. 

Ramaphosa sacks another manager at his Badplaas farm
One of the photos took while Ramaphosa visited Ntaba Nyoni feed-lot farm on 9 May 2019

The sacking of the manager by Ramaphosa on 12 July 2019 when he visited Ntaba Nyoni was the result of the suspension that Ramaphosa gave for a disciplinary hearing the politician was going to institute against Rall this week, this paper has learnt from a highly-placed source in the farm with a close day-to-day interaction with the President. 

“Rall is no longer on the farm. Ramaphosa was angry about how the farm is operating of late. He feels he is being betrayed by the manager as competition for cows grows, between the black and white farmers. Ramaphosa thinks that Rall is collaborating and taking his customers away to white farmers at his expense and the whole thing of the fat producing farm is no longer giving him profits, perhaps because of rampant theft occurring under the general manager’s watch,” the source said when they spoke to the 013NEWS reporter in Badplaas Thursday this week (25 Jul). 

Rall denied he was fired. He said though he was sent home on suspension but he decided to resign on the Monday of 8 July 2019. This is 4 days before the President visited the farm. 

Now the farm, which feeds and breeds some of the world’s most expensive cows, is having no manager. Workers hope they will have a manager soon. 

“I resigned, yes I did,” he said. 

Last year Rall made news when he was accused of being a ‘racist’ by the EFF over the issue of the 6 workers he sacked in January 2018, which included a white site manager.

The party went to the President’s farm in February 2018 to protest and demand that Rall reinstate the workers. 

One worker who spoke to the 013NEWS reporter said that the President was very angry on that day. He said that the man was supposed to sleep on the farm that day together with a throng of his bodyguards that had earlier travelled with the presidential motorcade ahead in order to receive him there while he flew in.

But wife Portia felt that “the house where we are supposed to sleep is a mess,” the worker said.

Rall at the time said that the workers had allegedly stolen 30 bags of fertiliser, 3 of maize seeds, 2 chain saws, grass-cutters and a welding machine.

Two vehicle batteries, a grinder and a mobile toilet were also taken, Rall said then of his decision to have the 6 fired.

“During the investigations several other items were also mentioned, like meat, groceries and building equipment,” he said.

“The stolen items were at first valued at approximately R40 000, but after further investigations, a more realistic value of R 90 000 was calculated,” Rall said then, adding the 6 workers were suspended with full salary from 22 December 2017 and a fair disciplinary enquiry was held with each of them on 3 January 2018. 

“Ramaphosa is not a happy man. Things are not okay on the farm. People take things as if they own the farm,” the highly-placed source told the 013NEWS reporter over the phone Thursday.

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