RIP… Oupa Hobe was not a petrol attendant 

RIP... Oupa Hobe was not a petrol attendant 
NO MORE: Oupa Hobe was fatally shot while pouring petrol at the Midwater Centre during a cash-in-transit-heist. PICTURE Supplied

Paramedics tried to save the customer’s life after a violent cash robbery at the filling station.

The man who died while pouring petrol at a Middelburg fuel station was not a petrol attendant as the media previously reported, the police have said. 

He is 41-yeard-old Oupa Hobe and was at the Engen garage near the Midwater Centre to buy petrol. 

Locals say Hobe was a mechanic by profession and operated his own business in the Mhluzi township. Police confirmed Hobe is the man who died when thugs began shooting randomly at the station, resulting in one bullet going towards Hope. 

He had been pouring the petrol into his car himself. 

The armed four men are seen in a video attacking a guard carrying a bag of cash.

They then got into their car that was waiting closer to the scene of their mission and when they tried to flee the guards retaliated and smashed the into robbers’ car with their armoured truck.

A shoot-out ensued, resulting in Hobe being killed and another two customers injured. The incident happened Friday 2 August 2019 in the Middelburg area. 

The men are seen in the video footage attacking a guard carrying a bag of cash.

A shoot-out then began, with two customers getting shot in the legs and rushed to hospital. The men disappeared with the cash. 

Middelburg police are investigating a case of murder, 2 attempted murders and armed robbery. 

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