Exclusive – Bongani Bongo is currently in ICU at Gauteng hospital

Exclusive - Bongani Bongo is currently in ICU at Gauteng hospital 
CURRENTLY SICK: Ex-minister of state security Bongani Bongo, who is also a Parliamentarian is said to be in 'high-care' in Midrand, north of Johannesburg. PICTURE BY 013NEWS/MLM.

He is known as a Zuma man in ANC internal battles.

ANC NEC member Bongani Bongo is currently bedridden at a swanky Gauteng hospital.

This paper is busy trying to find out what really landed the ex-spy minister in hospital.

He is said to be at the Waterfall Netcare Hospital in Midrand, next to the Mall of Africa. Sources believe it’s “food poisoning or something of that sort, we’re still trying to find out”. 

One government source stationed nationally told the 013NEWS reporter that Bongo, who hails from the Mpumalanga province and a lawyer by profession, is probably spending a second weekend at the Gauteng private hospital.

“I don’t know,” the source said when asked about the issue last night (Friday). 

“I heard but please don’t quote me in your newspaper,” another of Bongo’s friends said over a WhatsApp call Saturday morning 17 August 2019. 

“I’m currently in contact with his family but I heard there are plans to go visit him,” the source said.

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The friend said it is suspected that the man is “very sick” but still it’s unclear what landed him in hospital. They said they suspect it’s “food poisoning or something of that sort,” they said of the Parliamentarian.

A Netcare source confirmed the Mpumalanga lawyer is currently “in our care”.

“Yes, he is Bongani Thomas Bongo. He has been in the ICU since 9 August 2019. One visitor came to see him yesterday (16 Aug). Yes, he is in our care” the hospital official said Saturday night. 

ANC spokesman Pule Mabe didn’t answer his phone.

This is a developing story… 

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