SANTACO looking to embrace “new ways” to dump petrol

SANTACO looking to embrace
CHANGING OVER: The SA taxi industry is embracing the use of gas as a cheaper alternative to the increasing petrol prices. PICTURE BY Caxton.

The taxi-men currently install what is known as a “gas cylinder” in the minibuses, saying is cheaper than going the petrol way completely.

The SA national taxi council (SANTACO) supports a move that will see the taxi industry dumping petrol for good and embracing new ways that are cheaper. 

Its Mpumalanga secretary Simphiwe Sibanyoni is quoted saying they are now happy as this “source of energy” was now available at their “doorsteps”.

The vehicles can be converted to run on gas. Sibanyoni said gas is cheaper than petrol and will allow them to save a lot on money. 

“We are excited that this source of energy is now available right at our doorsteps and set to help the industry save money on fuel because gas is cheaper compared to petrol,” Sibanyoni is quoted in the Citizen. 

He said they are “looking forward to fully embrace the implementation” of gas. 


Gauteng already has gas filling stations. Currently the vehicles in some areas mix both gas and petrol, which is cheaper than when you use petrol alone. 

They put what is called a “gas cylinder” in the minibuses, which uses what is called ‘Liquefied Petroleum Gas’ or LPG. 

Sibanyoni said this system was now available at their doorsteps. 

He described this as a “breakthrough” for the taxi industry.

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