Prison dealers: Comfort Khoza in hot water for bringing dagga in

Prison dealers: Comfort Khoza in hot water for bringing dagga in
WARDER: Comfort Khoza of the Mbombela correctional centre. PICTURE BY SAPS

Looks like the prisoners are able to make use of the officials employed to rehabilitate them to deal in drugs and make money inside prisons.

A Mbombela correctional services officer named Comfort Khoza is currently in serious trouble after being allegedly caught bringing dagga into prison cells, for inmates to use and deal in drugs. 

He was caught on Saturday 30 August 2019 at the Mbombela correctional services, where officials say he was actually caught by security guards in the prison entrance. 

Now Khoza will face the Mbombela Magistrates Court as well as his colleagues at the correctional service centre who want him for disciplinary action.

Khoza was released by the Mbombela Magistrates Court this week on R2000 bail and is charged with contravening prison laws. 

Officials from the Emergency Special Team were informed on time about an officer in uniform who was on his way to deliver bundles of dagga stock to inmates. 

The officials followed the officer to Mbombela CBD, where he collected the dagga and put it in the car. 

But when Khoza drove back to the Mbombela correctional services the guards had already been informed by his colleagues who were secretly following him. 

“The guards on duty directed him to a search room where he tried to escape but was caught,” a departmental statement reads. 

“Four packaged balls of dagga worth an estimated value of R3 000 were found in his possession”.

Soon afterwards the centre called the cops, who came and arrested him. He returns to court soon. 

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