Speedy: Scramble for tenders weakens Mpumalanga ANC

Speedy: Scramble for tenders weakens Mpumalanga ANC
CONTENDER: One of the contestants in Mpumalanga ANC top 5 positions and Nkangala leader Speedy Mashilo who feels the Mpumalanga ANC has not been able to realise unity. PICTURE BY 013NEWS/MLM

He said it was gonna be nice if people were able to create work rather than demand it.

Nkangala leader Speedy Mashilo is reportedly voicing out against the tender system as one of the contributing factors to the disunity of the ANC in Mpumalanga.

He said he believed it was now time comrades look at the issue as it continues to tear the party apart. 

He said “the issue of tenderization” is actually “the other cause of the problem”. Mashilo is mentioned as deputy provincial chairman in a slate that wants Mandla Ndlovu as chair and Muzi Chirwa as secretary.

He is currently on a region-wide campaign to get branches to not forget him when they sit for their branch general meetings to nominate leaders who will go serve in the ANC provincial leadership after December. 

But lobbyists are already influencing branches to think Mashilo when they are convening BGMs and the battle line for seats when the 13th elective provincial conference is held on 6, 7 and 8 December 2019 is now drawn. 

Their slate wants acting secretary Lindiwe Ntshalintshali to retain her post as deputy secretary.

Premier Refilwe Mtshweni-Tsipane is also throwing her name in the hat for the ANC chairpersonship and her lobbyists in eHlanzeni and Steve Tshwete say she will take the machine in December.

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Mashilo said people support a particular slate “because they are going to get work, and they are  going to get money”.

He spoke to local paper Highveld Chronicle after addressing scores of ANCYL members during a Anton Lembede lecture in Middelburg’s Rockdale township last week.

“This is a problem and if we can manage as we have resolved in Nasrec about tenderisation, probably we can get these slates finished,” he said.

Speedy: Scramble for tenders weakens Mpumalanga ANC
Nkangala ANC leader Speedy Mashilo who is punted as deputy chair in a slate is warning against the tender system that gives rise to factions supporting a certain team for purposes of selfish financial benefits. 013NEWS/ZK

Mashilo said all ANC problems began in Polokwane – where former rival leaders Thabo Mbeki and Jacob Zuma contested one another using camps and slates. 

“That is where the problem of slates emerged, and that has never stopped and as Mpumalanga we have tried as we were going to Nasrec to create unity but you can see that it has not reached everybody’s mind that we have to be united”.

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Turning to the youth, the influential regional leader said young people should “guard and speak against the politics of money”.

“Comrades must not allow themselves to be used to buy votes and positions. 

“We want the youth league that is shaped by the ideology of Anton Lembede, and our duty as the mother body is to support that youth league and your challenge is to make sure that there is economic transformation for the young people that are excluded in the mainstream economy,” he said. 

“We want the youth league that does not look for work but creates work.” 

Lembede who died in 1947 at the age of 33 was the founding President of the ANCYL and had a lot of African nationalist ideological influence on political icons like Nelson Mandela, Oliver Tambo and Walter Sisulu, amongst others. 

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