Obama: Ntshalintshali and Speedy are being victimised

Obama: Ntshalintshali and Speedy are being victimised
SOMETHING WRONG: Mpumalanga ANCYL treasurer Sam 'Obama' Masango has come in defence of acting ANC secretary Lindiwe Ntshalintshali, saying she and Nkangala leader Speedy Mashilo are victims in a space where they are supposed to feel home, and these "male bullies" are based in the eHlanzeni region and "always say the ANC belongs to them and if you don't do what they say you must do then they say they will deal with you, therefore suppressing democratic rights in the ANC because they don't engage ideas"

Ntshalintshali suffered a blow last week when a disciplinary committee found her rival Ngrai Ngwenya not guilty of assaulting her.

An upper structure’s disciplinary committee findings that freed eHlanzeni leader Ngrai Ngwenya of the assault of acting secretary Lindiwe Ntshalintshali is now being seen as adding to her further “victimisation” inside ANC structures by youth league’s Sam ‘Obama’ Masango.

Obama said the ANC should be seen as playing a key role in taking a stand against “bullying” in party structures as well as on issues of gender abuse, but the way they presided over Ntshalintshali’s case is not satisfying all.

He said Speedy Mashilo too is “being victimised” in Mpumalanga in the same way as Ntshalintshali and Mashilo was not allowed to express his views the way any ANC member should. 

The ANCYL treasurer said comrades in the mother-body are being victimised by those who “have declared that they own the ANC”.

He said that the NDC findings on Ngwenya and Phindile Nkuna were “biased” and the committee should have addressed the matter very, very differently – considering it was dealing with Ngwenya, a leader notorious for abusing other people, including beating them up if they don’t do the things he wants. 

By reducing the issue to just an apology, the NDC “didn’t do justice to Ntshalintshali”, Masango said. 

“We are all saying that in Mpumalanga there’s an amount of bullying of comrades. Once you disagree with comrades they bully you and therefore suppress the democratic process,” said Obama.

He also comes from the Nkangala region as Mashilo and Ntshalintshali. He says both Mashilo, who is the ANC chairman in the region and who was overlooked by Premier Refilwe Mtshweni-Tsipane when she appointed her cabinet in May this year, and Ntshalintshali are “being bullied”.

Mashilo now seems to be emerging as Mpumalanga’s kingmaker punted in both slates of #NdlovuChirwa and #RMT19 as the deputy chair but lobbyists say audit outcomes will show who exactly is boss.    

“Once you differ with comrades, remember the provincial office [of the ANC] is in their region, which is eHlanzeni and they can easily bus people to come and attack you in the same ANC office because that’s the culture the ANC doesn’t want to come down and detect. In that way I’m saying here is no longer the independent political debate in the province that can take society forward,” Masango said Thursday evening 3 October 2019.

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Masango said a “form of gangsterism” led by Ngwenya existed in the eHlanzeni region and it was surprising that the NEC is still not acting after so many incidents of assault have been reported against Lomdzala by party members and ordinary community members.

“It’s a form of hooliganism in our province because there are always those who must bully others and there are those who must succumb to being bullied by their own comrades.

“The bullying is there and it manifests itself under the auspices of saying ‘if you are not going to do what we are telling you to do we are going to deal with you”.

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