Police search for man who defrauded Mbombela municipality 6 years ago

Police search for man who defrauded Mbombela municipality 6 years ago
WANTED: The dubious man has been traced with the use of CCTV footage showing him withdrawing large sums of money in Joburg. PICTURE BY SAPS

Police say they are sticking to the images of the man seen withdrawing “large sum” of money from ATM cameras.

The police’s elite crime fighters, the Hawks, are asking the public to help with the full names and whereabouts of a man who defrauded the Mbombela municipality 6 years ago.

The pictures were obtained by investigators from the bank where the millions of rands were being withdrawn and are now made public for anyone with information to help tip the Hawks off.

The Hawks said an amount of R3 million was deposited into this guy’s account by a government department on behalf of the Mbombela municipality in 2013.

The R3 million was deposited by the Mpumalanga public works department to the man’s account in order to settle a debt owed by the Mbombela municipality at the time.

Spokeswoman Captain Dineo Sekgotodi said a fraudulently opened bank account was used by their wanted suspect and “later it emerged that the money was in fact paid into the alleged fraudster’ account”, and had nothing to do with any debt settling.

“The Hawks’ investigation with the aid of footage obtained from the bank where the account was opened has discovered that large cash withdrawals were made from ATM’s and inside various bank branches in Gauteng, including Kempton Park, Ormonde, Sandton and other surrounding areas”.

She said they believed the man captured in the CCTV footage can assist investigators to “solve” the issue once and for all.

Anyone with information regarding his whereabouts is asked to call the cops on 071 481 3295, 072 5497 802 or 08600 10111.

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