Man apologises to Premier Tsipane for accusing wife of cheating

Man apologises to Premier Tsipane for accusing wife of cheating
MEDIATOR: Mpumalanga Premier Refilwe Mtsweni-Tsipane has found herself in the middle of a lopsided marital dispute involving ANC MPL Trish Singh and legislature deputy speaker Vusi Mkhatshwa. PICTURE BY Lowveld Media

He says he was immediately angered when he discovered the cellphone chats.

A Mpumalanga man married to a member of the legislature has penned another letter to Premier Refilwe Tsipane, regretting a previous letter he wrote to the provincial head of government where he accused his wife of cheating on him.

Mahendra Latchminarain (43) is married to 31-year-old Trish Singh, a member of the Mpumalanga legislature for the ANC.

Describing himself as a “jealous husband”, the man regrets the letter he wrote to Tsipane a week ago where he asks the Premier to take “corrective action” against Singh after the discovery of texts allegedly sent between her and legislature deputy speaker Vusi Mkhatshwa by him.

Latchminarain and Singh got married in 2010 while Singh was 22 years old and Latchminarain was 34. 

Man apologises to Premier Tsipane for accusing wife of cheating
Mahendra Latchminarain and his wife 31-year-old ANC MPL Trish Singh

Soon after the May 2019 general elections Singh became one of the ANC members of the Mpumalanga legislature.

In the letter, Latchminarain regrets being a “jealous husband” and says the authenticity of the screen-grab chats between his wife and Mkhatshwa has been fabricated. It was sent to him by an anonymous sender and love emojis are shared amongst the two.

He said when the anonymous message was delivered to his phone his wife was in Cape Town on Parliamentary work and he immediately got angry.

“I have now realised that the Chat can be created on any computer and a fake chat can be produced in a matter of minutes,” Latchminarain writes to Tsipane.

Man apologises to Premier Tsipane for accusing wife of cheating
ANC MPL Trish Singh with hubby Mahendra Latchminarain who immediately wrote to Mpumalanga Premier Refilwe Mtshweni-Tsipane after being anonymously sent texts of their chats on WhatsApp with deputy legislature speaker Vusi Mkhatshwa

In the previous letter to Tsipane, the man had told the Premier to not “conduct your business of government like this” and that she should ensure that as members get deployed “their marriages and lives are not shattered into millions of pieces by dishonour of this nature”.

This week Monday 18 November 2019 the man told 013NEWS that he was regretting everything he said about his wife to Tsipane and had apologised unconditionally. He said he was caused by “pure passionate rage” when bursting and reporting his wife to Tsipane but now “I regret everything”.

“I love my wife, I suddenly got angry when I received the screen-grab of the fake chat and she was in Cape Town and it really frustrated me”.

He added somebody fighting political battles in the legislature was trying to destroy his wife’s image and was probably somebody fighting with both her and the deputy speaker for political reasons.

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Latchminarain said he also apologised to Mkhatshwa about the issue and understands how it “dented” his image.

“Honourable Premier I’m apologising to you for putting you in a very uncomfortable position as a leader. I have now realised that the information I had in my possession was fake and I did not do due diligence to verify it”.

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