Covid-19 fight continues in Siyabuswa amid dry taps

The government is trying to make sure that boreholes become option B immediately.

Covid-19 fight continues in Siyabuswa amid dry taps
DRIP: The drought ridden Dr JS Municipality says its establishment of a local operational command centre will ensure adequate response to the challenges faced by the community amid the Covid-19 pandemic. PICTURE BY

The JS Moroka local municipality has revealed it is struggling to meet water demands in Siyabuswa as a result of dropping water levels at the Mkhombo dam but says the fight against Covid-19 is on.

Spokeswoman Masabatha Ramatsetse said the municipality will refurbish “all boreholes with immediate effect to ensure that there is adequate water supply to our residents for consumption and for dealing with the COVID-19”.

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She said all workers providing essential services are on duty, including those working to ensure water is available to community members.

Mayor Thulare Madileng approved the establishment of the Local Operational Command Centre (LOCC) – meant to boost the municipality’s emergency preparedness and response measures to COVID-19, following President Cyril Ramaphosa’s declaration of a 21-day lockdown to try contain the spread of the virus.

Ramatsetse said the LOCC is structured to support the national and provincial systems with local information, ensuring “a coordinated response to COVID-19”.

“The municipality has established a LOCC with all the affected stakeholders, for example fire, traffic, disaster, police, members of Parliament, councillors, taxi associations, health departments, etc with the purpose of assisting the local residents with the adherence to the regulations, and to boost the emergency preparedness and response measures to COVID-19”.

“It is evident that some of our residents are still roaming the streets freely, not staying at home while not keeping the social distancing of 1.5m.

So far 2 doctors at Mamethlake Hospital have tested positive to COVID -19 and 66 people including those in Thembisile Hani municipality have been arrested for not adhering to measures put in place to COVID-19 regulations,” Ramatsese said.

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