Time for Mpumalanga Govt to be transparent about Covid-19 tenders

The national lockdown came about as a result of the invoking of sections of the Disaster Management Act by President Cyril Ramaphosa, which allowed for the suspension of regular practices in state procurement. Allegations of impropriety in the procurement of emergency Covid-19 supplies and the inflation of prices of things like sanitiser and basic food items bought for food parcels beckons the question of whether the crisis is being used by the politically elite and those closely connected to them for self enrichment… 

Time for Mpumalanga Govt to be transparent about Covid-19 tenders
MASKED: Several concerns have been raised about accountability in the way Govt is procuring goods and services during the Covid-19 lockdown. PICTURE BY TimesLive

The public should be given a fair opportunity to bid for tenders.


There is no argument that the lockdown has helped in saving lives and delaying the spread of the infection.  

This has allowed the state to prepare for the worst – and to educate the populace about the disease. 

We commend the state for such good work…

However there is no longer a need for emergency procurement. 


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Tenders relating to Covid-19 should be advertised and the public be given an equal opportunity to tender, including the procurement of personal protective equipments (PPE) and food parcels.

All donations that are mobilised by politicians must be stored in provincial and local food banks and not at their homes.

And councillors should not be the only ones responsible for the distribution of food parcels.

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Government should publish the items of food parcels and recommended prices, as the overpricing of food parcels during the pandemic is so immoral.

Churches must not donate food parcels to political parties but to government – and these food parcels should be stored in food banks.

Local municipalities must establish local food banks and all donations raised by politicians must be taken to the food banks.

Covid 19 cannot be a vehicle for self enrichment,  gratification and popularization 

*Pilane is an enterprenuer who is involved in the Mpumalanga tourism industry.