Glencore lends a hand for Covid-19

Glencore lends a hand for Covid-19
HELPING HAND: Mining company Glencore has put in a helping hand in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic through a comprehensive plan that include social relief and preventative actions. PICTURE Supplied

The donation was made to the Nkangala district.

Coal mining giant Glencore has donated testing kids, masks, sanitisers, soaps, screeners, internet data and JoJo tanks for Covid-19 in Mpumalanga.

The company said the pandemic has been “catastrophic” and it was the responsibility of everyone to lend a helping hand during this hard time.

Glencore says through the JoJo tanks they want residents to stay hygienic and have access to water.

Multiple food parcels were also donated as well as other forms of help to healthcare workers in Middelburg, Witbank and Belfast where they mine. It said this is part of a company’s “community response plan” – which includes awareness, testing, treatment for those who are infected in the community and support for healthcare workers. 

Glencore lends a hand for Covid-19

The company said they will also ensure workers at their mining operations are also safe from Covid-19 infections. It said the aim is to make sure nobody is affected in the areas where they do mining.

“Glencore has reached out to the department of health on a provincial and district level to understand and support the needs to fight this pandemic,” general manager Noel Pillay said.

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“We will continue to engage with local government while our community structures lend support during this difficult period,” Pillay said. 

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“Through our social partners and our community representatives, we have engaged with provincial, district and local government to ensure a fully co-ordinated and centralised approach to the COVID-19 pandemic. This will ensure that the correct resources are acquired and distributed through the correct channels to the most vulnerable communities,” he said.

The company will involve itself and help – 

• Slow and stop infections, prevent outbreaks or delay the spread of Covid-19

• Provide care for Covid-19 patients

• Assist in minimising the impact of the pandemic on health systems, social services, and economic activity.

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