Katlehong taxi-owner murdered in Mpumalanga, 4 Katlehong suspects appear in Amersfoort 

Katlehong taxi-owner murdered in Mpumalanga, 4 suspects appear in Amersfoort court
TAKEN OUT: Gauteng-based taxi boss Xolani Zulu was murdered and buried on a farm in Amersfoort. PICTURE BY Times.

He owned scores of taxis in the Gauteng township.

Gauteng taxi-owner Xolani Zulu (25), from the township of Katlehong, was found murdered in Mpumalanga and 4 men from Katlehong are currently being tried in the Amersfoort Magistrates Court. 

They are charged with murder and kidnapping…

Zulu’s body was found buried in a shallow grave on an Amersfoort farm in March 2020 after he was reported missing to the cops by his family.

Three Katlehong men were nabbed on 5 April and charged with the murder, while a fourth suspect was arrested afterwards.

He was last seen by his 22-year-old fiancée on 18 March 2020, according to the Kathorus Mail.

She told the cops she last saw her man when he arrived after 8 that night.

A family member said a man came looking for Zulu shortly after arriving home on 8 March.

Katlehong taxi-owner murdered in Mpumalanga, 4 suspects appear in Amersfoort court
The farm in Amersfoort where 25-year-old Xolani Zulu was found murdered

When the unknown man came looking for Zulu the two first stood outside and had a chat like they knew each other from the taxi industry. They then entered into Zulu’s house, came out again and walked towards the man’s vehicle where they chatted for a few minutes before the visitor drove away.

Then Zulu took his Toyota Quantum and followed the man. Basically that was the last time they saw him…

More than a week later the family opened a missing person’s case with the cops in Katlehong.

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His cellphone was tracked and was found in the possession of man who is now one of the four suspects facing trial at the Amersfoort Magistrates Court.

The suspect confessed how they abducted Zulu and took him to Amersfoort, a confession which led to the arrest of two men. A fourth suspect, believed to the one that gave orders for the kidnapping and murder, was also arrested.

This week the Amersfoort court heard how he was murdered and his body buried on somebody’s farm in the Mpumalanga area.

The farmer noticed his land had been digged and when he found a human being was buried there he told the Amersfoort cops, who took it to a government mortuary.

But it wasn’t until the Katlehong investigator traced his cellphone that a suspect confessed and led to the discovery of the body.

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