‘Our hospitals now running short of beds’

'Our hospitals now running short of beds'
READY: Health minister Zweli Mkhize says the health system is facing a shortage of beds due to the rapid rise in Covid-19 infections. PICTURE BY Daily Maverick

The department is trying to go head to head with the pandemic in battling the rising infection rate.

Health minister Zweli Mkhize has said that South African hospitals are now running short of beds as the number of infections in the country is expected rise sharply.

Over 200 000 cases, 3 500 deaths have been recorded. 

Recoveries are recorded at 102 299.

Mkhize addressed Parliament Wednesday 8 July 2020 and said the country’s bed capacity was becoming  a problem for  those who will be hospitalised either for Covid-19 or other ailments.

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Mkhize said his health department was now going full steam ahead in implementing its “surge strategy”, which deals with responding to the situation of infected people.

He said field hospitals have been put in place as part of the “surge strategy” and additional beds needed to be brought there.

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He said the Western Cape built 3 field hospitals, KZN built 1 and Port Elizabeth 1 and were currently functional.

“The department of health is working with the department of trade and industry and competition to manufacture continuous positive air pressure (CPAP) devices,” said the minister.

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