You will now get a deposit on the new 2L Coke bottle

You will now get a deposit on the new 2L Coke bottle
RETURN FOR DEPOSIT: The Multinational fizzy drink company says consumers will now get a deposit back on 2L soft drinks bottles. PICTURE BY Twitter

Coca-Cola says the response of their customers to the new initiative is overwhelmingly positive.

Buyers of the new Coke 2L bottle will now get a R9 deposit if they return the plastic bottle.

The recommended price per 2L bottle is R24 but will cost R15 when you return the bottle, the Coca-Cola company has said.

The initiative was first launched in the Eastern Cape and will now be a available in Gauteng, Mpumalanga and Limpopo. 

The bottles will be washed and re-used about 14 times, then afterwards they will be recycled to create other things, like car parts, says managing director Velaphi Ratshefola.

Ratshefola said the initiative received an “overwhelmingly positive” response while being piloted in the Eastern Cape.

“We have seen customers in the Eastern Cape opting to switch over to purchasing the returnable 2L bottles and returning them after consumption,” he said, adding this means less pollution to the environment.

Buying the new returnable 2-litre for R15 will mean the consumer will get it for around R7 cheaper than the current one.

Coca-Cola No-Sugar, Sprite, and Fanta products are currently available in the new 2-litre returnable plastic bottle at a recommended retail price of R21, which includes the R9 deposit, and you will buy it for R12 next time you come with the bottle.

The bottles have a paper label with a ‘RETURNABLE’ green band on the front of the bottle

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