Thandi Ngxonono blames illegal connections for Secunda’s debt

IZINYOKA: The Govan Mbeki municipality says more than half of its electricity problems are as a result of electricity theft by residents. PICTURE BY The Bulletin

She said it was disturbing that other residents were paying for services while others weren’t.

Govan Mbeki mayor Thandi Ngxonono has said the unending financial problems that have brought about the electricity crisis in her municipality are as a result of rife illegal connections in the Secunda area, which cause the municipality’s Eskom debt to skyrocket.

Govan Mbeki, which failed to account for lost and improperly spent monies to auditor-general Kimi Makwetu, owes Eskom R2 billion.

Power cuts have now become part of the everyday life of the people of Secunda, with one day spared for electricity and the next without.

Ngxonono said that 60% of the electricity problem is caused by residents stealing electricity.

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Secunda, Ermelo and Witbank are Mpumalanga’s worst-run towns, with the ANC poised to lose Secunda in the upcoming local government elections as residents blame the corruption of the party’s comrades for their misery. 

Ngxonono delivered a virtual speech Thursday 30 July 2020 and electricity crisis remains a serious concern, as it angers the residents – some of whom speak about their frustrations on social media.

She said the residents are very angry towards the municipality due to the electricity issue, the Ridge Times reported.

The mayor told the councillors during her speech that there is a group of people that claim to represent residents in Bethal and eMzinoni, that plans to take the municipality to court over lack of service delivery and the electricity crisis.

“In the midst of all these challenges, the Eskom account must always be prioritised,” the mayor said.

Thandi Ngxonono blames illegal connections for Secunda's debt
Govan Mbeki mayor Thandi Ngxonono

“The rotational load shedding in Bethal and eMzinoni is still not being appreciated by our people. Similarly, the on-off electricity situation in eMbalenhle is causing frustrations for our people.

“Our people are asking very tough questions as to why the Notified Maximum Demand (NMD) issue was not attended to as early as possible and as urgently as it was supposed to have been.

“I am calling for the speedy resolution of the electricity situation,” Ngxonono said.

In the meantime, the Bethal and eMzinoni Community for Services (Becs) organisation is threatening to take the municipality to court over the issues and an account has been opened for residents to donate money for legal services.

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