Vusi Shongwe tells story of being struck by Covid-19

Vusi Shongwe tells story of being struck by Covid-19
RECOVERED: Agriculture MEC Vusi Shongwe is the latest high profile victim of the virus in Mpumalanga. PICTURE BY 013NEWS/ZK

He had since booked himself off sick.

Agriculture MEC Vusi Shongwe this week told how he got diagnosed with Covid-19, having lost his sense of smell while at the same time suffering from fatigue.

He is currently recovering at his Ermelo home and is now feeling better…

The 62-year-old Shongwe was diagnosed on 11 August 2020 after being rushed to the Ermelo MediClinic after his flu symptoms worsened.

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“It started like a flu. I lost my sense of smell and taste and was very fatigued.


“On Tuesday I decided to go seek a medical opinion and I was told I had Covid-19. I was discharged on Thursday and now I’m feeling much better and I’m ready to serve the people of Mpumalanga,” he said.

He said the flu hit him 5 days before he decided to go to hospital.

“I am taking medication which will assist to boost my immune system,” he said, adding he really thanks the medical staff that helped him during the hard time and asked the public to not ignore any signs but rush immediately to get “a medical opinion”.

“My advice is that when you are not feeling well rush to get a medical opinion and do not say, ‘this is a small thing and it will go on its own’. That is dangerous,” he said.

He has now resumed his duties as agriculture MEC. 

“We must work because if we do not, there would be no food and people will starve,” he said. 

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