Lindi Masina got R400k in Covid-19 tender

Lindi Masina got R400k in Covid-19 tender
INVOLVED: ANC Gert Sibande deputy secretary Lindi Masina who also dabbles in the business of supplying water to poor communities during pandemics. PICTURE BY 013NEWS/MLM

The municipality is currently probing the Covid-19 loot, including how a deregistered company was awarded work.

Gert Sibande ANC acting secretary Lindi Masina’s company was awarded Covid-19 work by the district municipality worth close to R400 000.

Masina traded through a company called ‘Khamy Lee Service’, which she registered in November 2019 – four months before the Gert Sibande District Municipality gave it work.

The company is one of 25 companies that the district municipality hired water-tankers from for Covid-19 relief efforts.

The district municipality spent R25.1 million for Covid-19 relief programmes, with over R10 million of this R25.1 million spent on water-tankers.

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The Gert Sibande district is currently not discussing the report, titled ‘Report on Covid-19 Procurement and Expenditure’ as it has handed it over to Municipal Public Account Committee (MPAC) to “investigate the issues in the report and make recommendation to council”.

Lindi Masina got R400k in Covid-19 tender
ANC deputy secretary in Gert Sibande, Lindi Masina

A leaked document shows that Masina’s company was paid R393 000 in total.

It is one of the companies that charged the municipality R1000 per load and R6 per kilometre. 

A total of 37 companies did work at the municipality, with R25.1 million spent from March to August 2020, which includes a sum of R1.6 million that was given to local municipalities by the district.

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“Water tankers were initially appointed at R600 per load,” the leaked document reads.

“This R600 per load was applicable and paid for March and April 2020. The rate was revised to R800 from May and the total amount paid for water tankers include travelling expense per supplier,” it said.

Sources said the MPAC will be “busy with a lot of elements”, including how a deregistered company got awarded work for Covid-19.

‘Indlunkulu Transportation’, which is owned by 46-year-old Mandla Sibeko, was being deregistered for annual returns non-compliance.

This company got R697 000 hiring out water-tankers.

Other services offered to the municipality are sanitisers, masks, aid packages to emerging farmers, latex gloves, water chemicals and the emptying of waste from toilets.

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