Subscription thugs make millions from our cellphones

Subscription thugs make millions from our cellphones
CLICK-JACK: An internet security company is warning South Africans of the prevalent danger of cellphone fraud, highlight that its more common than you care to imagine. PICTURE BY EMRSA

The fraud is often carried through what is called “clickjacking”.

Beware of a fraudulent activity involving the taking of money from your mobile cellular account.

That’s a warning from cyber-security company Evina as people continue to be scammed of money unaware.

People are also advised to be careful of app store downloads, including flashlight to wallpaper, pedometer, file manager and video maker apps.

The company said one in every 3 cellphone users is a victim of fraudulent subscription, where money is taken from their cellular accounts without their knowledge and consent.

The network operators were currently not taking these threats seriously as the information shows that 30% of subscription requests made to cellphone users were fraudulent.


The highest levels of this crime are found in South Africa and Kenya…

“As Africa’s most advanced economy, it is particularly tragic that South African mobile users are falling victim to subscription frauds that are well managed in many other countries,” Evina owner David Lotfi said.

Lotfi said the ordinary South African is at risk of what is called “clickjacking”, where fraudsters trick users into clicking on something different from what they intended to on the internet – resulting in confidential information being shared with the fraudster.

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