Betway South Africa Goes Data Free

Betway South Africa Goes Data Free
ZERO DATA: Betway users can now access the gaming platform even if they don't have data. PICTURE BY Twitter

The online gaming platform has zero-rated its website to allow more accessibility for its users.

One must usually have a mobile data package to bet on online betting platforms. This is going to be a thing of the past in South Africa as the world-renowned bookmaker, Betway, has now come up with a way in which South African punters can place bets without using expensive data with the introduction of the Betway data free bets option. 

Data Costs in South Africa

According to studies, more than 50% of South African adults possess smartphones. The studies also reveal that smartphone penetration in the country is on the rise. Many users have adopted mobile applications to facilitate their communication, transport, sports betting, and streaming services.

However South Africa’s smartphone users face one major challenge – high data costs. Compared to other Sub-Saharan Africa countries like Kenya, Ghana, and Nigeria, South Africa’s data costs are higher. A report released by the Competition Commission towards the end of last year revealed that the high costs of data has forced users in South Africa to go for smaller data packages.

These high costs are a big challenge because many South Africans use their smartphones as the main source of accessing the internet. As a result, online betting company Betway South Africa came up with a Data Free package to help alleviate this pain from its users.

How Does It Work?

When deciding to try this option please make sure to carefully read all information on Betway South Africa’s website before doing so as the following information might change after the time of publication of this article.

You’ll only need data to access the Betway website. Once you are on the site, select the DataFree option on the site’s homepage. From there on, you’ll not need data to access the data free services, which are only accessible from the Data Free URL.

If you don’t have an account, you must create one to access the Betway South Africa services.

You’ll require data to create an account, but once you reach the homepage and click the data free option, you’ll be good to go. The only other time you’ll need data again is when depositing money into your Betway account. However, there are options available for punters to deposit cash without using data.

Eligibility Criteria

The offer is only valid to those with a Betway account. Furthermore, users must be residents of South Africa. The data free option is only limited to particular types of bets. Therefore, you need to carefully read the terms and understand them. For instance, users are only allowed to bet without data on live and pre-match sports activities. You can also use the data free mode on Four-To-Score predictions.

But there are also restrictions on persons that can access this Betway South Africa offer. 

If you are not a legal resident of South Africa or you’ve not obtained the legal age, this offer will be out of bounds for you. Also, if you’re prohibited from using the app for one reason or the other, you cannot access the offer.

Bottom Line

The Betway South Africa Data Free package was introduced at the right time. Users no longer have to worry about missing out on an opportunity to place bets on their favourite sports games.

As sporting action continues to return to normality, punters in South Africa will relish this once in a lifetime opportunity.

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